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Villa Real Hotel

Villa Real Hotel is a 5 star hotel
Plaza de las Cortes 10
Madrid, Spain  28014

Villa Real Hotel, Madrid Details

Property Name: Villa Real Hotel
Hotel Chain Name: Small Luxury Hotels of the World
Address: Pz Cortes 10
Number of Rooms: 115
Number of Floors: 5
Longitude & Latitude: -3.70, 40.42
Room Types Available: Standard Room, Superior Room
Bed Types Available: 1 King, 2 Doubles
Number of Photos: 108

Weekday Room Price Range: $131 to $479
Weekend Room Price Range: $154 to $612
Promotions: Room type: Superior Room :: Early Booking Bonus - Save 15% on your hotel stay + Free Wireless Internet on 06/09/2013, Room type: Superior Room :: Free Wireless Internet on 06/03/2013, Room type: Superior Room :: Early Booking Bonus - Save 15% on your hotel stay (on select nights) + Free Wireless Internet on 06/11/2013

Star Rating: 5.0
Average Review Rating: 4.49
Number of Customer Reviews: 75
First Customer Review Date: 04/02/2007
Last Customer Review Date: 10/21/2012

Recent Villa Real Hotel Review: "This was our first time in Spain, and our first city was Madrid. This hotel is located about 3 blocks from the famous Prado Museum, and directly across the street from what is the equvallent of the Spanish Congress. As a result, there were police in the area, making this an especially safe place. However, we walked the streets and squares within a mile,  and nowhere did we ever feel unsafe, police or not. We were never panhalndled, and despite what I read, I saw no sign of pickpockets anywhere we walked. That being said, I do take precautions. Madrid is one of the cleanest cities I have ever seen, and within a few blocks of the hotel there are many large plazas featuring wonderful restaurants. Tapas, or what we might call Hors D Oeurves plates, are the norm. You get a bunch of them and share at the table. Be prepared to fork out money for water, as "free water" does not exist. You have to pay for bottled water, even though the water in Madrid is perfectly safe to drink. Another thing to watch is "pan" or bread. If they bring you bread, it's not free, and you can pay up to 3 euros per piece! Feel free to say no thanks if they bring you something you did not order! You can spend a day at the Prado Museum of Art, and the next door botanical gardens. THere is a hop on/hop off bus stop just 3 blocks from this hotel. BE SURE to see the Royal Palace, which is along the bus route. The hotel restaurant and bar is so so, but I must say EVERYONE in Madrid, including the hotel staff, was nice and helpful and I got no sense of any animosity towards my Amercian family. Of course, I speak some spanish, and it always helps to try to honor your hosts with a polite effort. We had a wonderful room which was 2 level on the top floor, with a fairly large balcony with table, chairs and umbrella, and a great view of the city. The lower room is a sitting room with couch and there are inside spiral stairs to the bedorom which is a bit small for a king bed, but not objectionable. The room"

Check-in Time: NOON
Check-out Time: NOON
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